Tomei has just released full cast exhaust manifolds for the Nissan RB26DETT!

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Releasing the exhaust manifold exhibited at TAS 2018!

We've been asked a lot about this new product after exhibited at Nismo Festival and Tokyo Auto salon.
Finally!! We are releasing this fully cast-made exhaust manifold for you RB26 enthusiasts!!!

■ Made of SUS304, full lost-wax cast made.
■ Superior performance and exhaust note at all range.
■ Smooth merging angles minimize exhaust interference.
■ Designed to maximize flowing efficiency.
■ Precisely detailed, elaborate finish.
■ Durable but still lighter than the STD manifold!
■ Sensor boss & Heat shield mounts.

All new, non welding one-piece structure made by full lost-wax casting ensures incredibly higher durability comparing to
the old type which was weld-assembled structure made from pieces individually casted.
Although lost-wax casting in one-piece structure makes the process much more difficult and time-consuming,
the biggest benefit is that eliminates the well-know major problem of welded products, cracks at welding beads, even under severe usage.

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