SEO Training Keyword Research II

goldendoodleSEO Training focused on keyword research is useful for “SEM” or anyone starting an online business.  Search engine optimization is more than link building, it’s understanding which keywords are worth their weight in gold.

SEO Syndicate shows us the capabilities of “Market Samurai” and the SEO competition module.  There are so many marketers and small business people that realize they need to market on the internet; but they loose sight of the critical importance of keyword research.  Dominating a niche in  the SE warrants that you examine the following:

  • Keyword Search Traffic
  • Domain Age
  • Indexed Content
  • Backlinks to the Page
  • Directory Listings i.e. DMOZ, Yahoo and Others
  • SEO Competition (Number of Competing Pages)
  • Title Comp

Before you start to generate a substantial investment of time and money into content creation; you need to start with comprehensive keyword research.  I like to use the free Google keyword research tool and I’ve also tried Wordtracker which is nice, but “Market Samurai” makes assessing your  SEO competition super easy.

You can get the training that you need for free at SEO Syndicate or look up the series by Ed Dale and the 30 Day Challenge as it also covers Market Samurai and keyword research.

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Jim Jinright is a serial entrepreneur who has mastered the art of marketing to Fortune 500 clients. In his career he has interacted with numerous Directors, CEO's and Industry Leaders at some of the largest Corporations in the World. Jinright has spent 20+ years in Sales and Marketing. With a background in Finance, Product Development, Marketing and Advertising, he has incubated several businesses in his career and managed tens of millions of dollars in his own business ventures.